Compliance Services

Compliance Services

Why? You ask, would you need to your compliance: The reality is that many compliance office tasks are routinely outsourced to vendors to enable the compliance office to focus on the program’s core elements. Sanction screening services and training programs are commonly outsourced functions. In some cases, a compliance officer’s departure creates the need for assistance until the organization can hire. In others, an existing compliance program needs assistance to handle added responsibilities, such as compliance management.

Using qualified experts has many benefits, but the key in hiring them is to bring an optimum return of benefit for the cost by ensuring added value. In addition to day-to-day management, consider including some of the following:

  • Examine the program to confirm strengths and identify opportunities for improvement;
  • Conduct an independent evaluation of the program for senior management and board;
  • Evaluate the quality and effectiveness of compliance training;
  • Assess high-risk areas that warrant attention;
  • Assess resources needed to effectively operate the compliance program;
  • Use experts to identify and build metrics evidencing compliance program effectiveness;
  • Assistance in identifying and evaluating candidates for the permanent compliance officer position; and
  • Provide a “road map” for incoming compliance officers to follow.

We must always examine options, opportunities and risk.

The best way to ensure that your company is compliant within your industry, is to ensure you have the support to verify the information you are provided; that this is in line with rules and regulations and within the laws of your country and the countries with which your business intends to operate or enter into partnership.

At Credentia Global we are able to provide you with these services that will give you the comfort of knowing that the partnerships you are building are safe and sound and will not place you and your company in any risk in any shape for form.

Keeping up with these changes is an arduous task and outsourcing the necessary research to stay abreast of regulatory developments helps firms save time and money. Similarly, firms facing sudden growth and/or increased regulatory demands can turn to compliance outsourcing for additional support in times of change.

While compliance outsourcing is a convenient and cost-effective way to address many regulatory issues, it is not without its own risks. Firms must ensure third parties comply with all relevant laws by affirmatively identifying risks and verifying and monitoring third party compliance, as they are ultimately liable for any regulatory violations that occur.

Credentia Global has the ability, expertise and manpower to provide you with these services.

Mr Michel Jean-Pierre

Operations Manager

Michel joined Credentia GlobalNetworking Ltd as Operations Manager in December 2022.

During his career path, Michel was employed at The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd for more than 21years. His main duties were to supervise Credit Processes, Operations, Customer Services and Compliance.

During his Banking Career, Michel was also an active participant and facilitator in Rebranding processes and services.

Michel also spent 3 years at Dakri Cartons as Director of Sales and Marketing. This exposure led him to acquire more soft skills such as identifying the needs and delivering the proper goods and services to local and overseas customers.

Michel acted as Administration and Transaction Monitoring Executive at with another Management Company on the island prior to joining our team. We look forward to his career expanding with us over the next years to come.

Mr Jaynarainsingh (Vinay) Tatarah

Group Finance Manager

Vinay is a specialist with over 20 years of working experience in the Finance and Accounting field, and exposure in various sectors such as freeport, construction, logistics, hospitality and currently offshore.

He has in-depth knowledge in management accounting, treasury management, working capital and long-term cash flow management and tax reporting. He also has exposure in Human Resources Management and payroll preparation, administrative and secretarial duties.

Vinay holds a BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting from the Oxford Brookes University, England since December 2014 and is an approved officer by the Financial Services Commission since 2018.

Mr Sanjeev K.S Gopaul

Founder & Director

Mr Sanjeev K.S Gopaul, Founder and Director of Credentia Group, an independently owned group offering Compliance Service; HR & Payroll Services; Accounting & Tax Filing; Consulting in: Estate Planning; Financial Services; Property Management and Conciergerie services to private and institutional clients.

Sanjeev began his career in 2000 and spent the initial eleven years learning about investment, banking, client service, international structuring, business development and capital markets.

To fulfil his years-long dream, Sanjeev founded his first company in 2012, Credential International with just two employees with the principal aim of creating a diversified group of companies over the years.

Today, the group is involved in consultancy, advisory, financial, fiduciary and outsourcing activities and is a pioneer in the capital market segment with prestigious clients such as African Export-Import Bank, CIMB Group Sdn. Bhd., China Galaxy International Financial Holdings Limited, First Prudential Markets, Credit Financier Invest and many more.