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We are dedicated to driving positive and impactful transformations by embodying innovation and a commitment to societal betterment. We actively address challenges and strive for positive change on both local and global scales.
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We place the Clients at the centre of everything we do. We understand their unique needs and preferences and tailor our services to exceed their expectations. We strive to build long-term relationships based on Trust and Transparency.
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Reflecting a commitment to ethical values, welfare, well-being and empathy for the local community demonstrating a strong sense of responsibility, collaboration and engagement to enhance collective abundance.
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We embrace a diverse and inclusive work environment that values and respects the unique backgrounds, perspectives and experiences of our team members. Our commitment to a cultured workplace fosters creativity, innovation and mutual understanding, creating a vibrant and collaborative atmosphere.

Business Growth

In today's dynamic and competitive business landscape, organisations seek innovative ways to maximize efficiency, enhance productivity and accelerate growth. That's where Credentia Global steps in; with years of experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have built a reputation as a trusted and innovative force in the industry. We combine cutting-edge technology with a personalized approach and we empower businesses to focus on their core competencies while entrusting us with their non-core functions.

Credentia Global forms part of the Credentia Group, and provides Compliance Outsourcing Services, HR & Payroll Services, Accounting & Tax Filing, Conciergerie Services and Consulting in Estate Planning, Financial Services and Property Management.

Why a professional today will choose to outsource services:

Entrepreneurs and small business use outsourcing to cut labour costs, including salaries for their personnel, overhead, equipment, and technology. Outsourcing is also used by companies to dial down and focus on the core aspects of the business, spinning off the less critical operations to outside organizations.

Expert People Matter

We have energetic team for organization

    Mr Sanjeev K.S Gopaul

    Founder & Director

      Mr Michel Jean-Pierre

      Operations Manager

      When deciding to move certain operations to a third-party provider, the choice would be between onshoring and offshoring. Onshoring means hiring a freelancer or an agency that’s located within the city or country, while offshoring entails going out of the country to access skilled talent. For many businesses, offshoring is a practical option as it casts a wider net in the quest for expertise. In most cases, outsourcing offshore is also more cost-efficient.

      The mind frame of an entrepreneur when starting a business is  one of optimism and eagerness to explore potentials and possibilities. The Heart Flame talks about personal passion, high organizational commitment and great people skills. The Gut Game brings out the courage and intestinal fortitude (i.e., perseverance) of the entrepreneur.

      However, it is not always easy to start a business having a larger sum of capital in order to recruit a vast number of employees to support all the areas of service required to sustain a growing company.  Sometimes, you need to employ people who are willing and able to be flexible in their job duties to cover the roles of 2 or more persons at a time.

      When an entrepreneur has the mindset to perceiver in his/her dream, he/she looks at other opportunities, means and aspects of the business that may be outsourced so that the company can still retain the same amount/level of service one wants to provide its clients.

      This is where Credentia steps in.  We have the ability, knowledge, expertise, service and manpower to provide you with the support and time you need whilst you are expanding your business no matter the size and the industry you are in.

      We are told to “explore beyond the confines” all the time, but how exactly do we do that? How do we develop the ability to confront problems in ways other than the ways we normally confront problems? How do we cultivate the ability to look at things differently from the way we typically look at things?

      Two heads (or more), are better than one” by John Heywood’s book of Proverbs 15:46

      The most common way these days is to outsource the services we need. An entrepreneur will seek an expertise and/or partnerships with person and companies who will have the infrastructure to provide the services which you are unable to provide in the immediate whilst you grow your company and expand business opportunities.

      Building partnerships and entering into relationships that will benefit your business in the short, medium and longer term will provide you with facilities to concentrate on the core of your business activity whilst you have the support system around you to keep the wheels of the day to day running.  This will enable you to make concrete progress on your business activities at a more rapid and stable pace.  This will also allow you to manage your costs and expenditures in a more unwavering manner.


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      We have the ability, knowledge, expertise, service and manpower to provide you with the support and time you need whilst you are expanding your business no matter the size and the industry you are in.

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      Mr Michel Jean-Pierre

      Operations Manager

      Michel joined Credentia GlobalNetworking Ltd as Operations Manager in December 2022.

      During his career path, Michel was employed at The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd for more than 21years. His main duties were to supervise Credit Processes, Operations, Customer Services and Compliance.

      During his Banking Career, Michel was also an active participant and facilitator in Rebranding processes and services.

      Michel also spent 3 years at Dakri Cartons as Director of Sales and Marketing. This exposure led him to acquire more soft skills such as identifying the needs and delivering the proper goods and services to local and overseas customers.

      Michel acted as Administration and Transaction Monitoring Executive at with another Management Company on the island prior to joining our team. We look forward to his career expanding with us over the next years to come.

      Mr Jaynarainsingh (Vinay) Tatarah

      Group Finance Manager

      Vinay is a specialist with over 20 years of working experience in the Finance and Accounting field, and exposure in various sectors such as freeport, construction, logistics, hospitality and currently offshore.

      He has in-depth knowledge in management accounting, treasury management, working capital and long-term cash flow management and tax reporting. He also has exposure in Human Resources Management and payroll preparation, administrative and secretarial duties.

      Vinay holds a BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting from the Oxford Brookes University, England since December 2014 and is an approved officer by the Financial Services Commission since 2018.

      Mr Sanjeev K.S Gopaul

      Founder & Director

      Mr Sanjeev K.S Gopaul, Founder and Director of Credentia Group, an independently owned group offering Compliance Service; HR & Payroll Services; Accounting & Tax Filing; Consulting in: Estate Planning; Financial Services; Property Management and Conciergerie services to private and institutional clients.

      Sanjeev began his career in 2000 and spent the initial eleven years learning about investment, banking, client service, international structuring, business development and capital markets.

      To fulfil his years-long dream, Sanjeev founded his first company in 2012, Credential International with just two employees with the principal aim of creating a diversified group of companies over the years.

      Today, the group is involved in consultancy, advisory, financial, fiduciary and outsourcing activities and is a pioneer in the capital market segment with prestigious clients such as African Export-Import Bank, CIMB Group Sdn. Bhd., China Galaxy International Financial Holdings Limited, First Prudential Markets, Credit Financier Invest and many more.